Providing reproduction arcade cabinets since 2012
NEO GEO MVS, 6-slot. Finally! January-30-2017

Finally completed the NEO GEO MVS, 6-slot cabinet build. Photos are here!

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We're here to create the arcade cabinet you want in your personal arcade. Please let us know which cabinets you want, and we'll get to work.


Our cabinets are cut using a CNC router table from patterns copied from the original arcade machines. This means we can create 1 or 100 copies of any machine and they'll all match the original design.


A note on our business

Boulder Arcade Factory exists to build video arcade cabinets. We build most cabinets to order. We don't stock any cabinets and we take the time to build them right. We probably can't build and ship a new cabinet 'by next Friday'.

To pay the bills we have an agreement with a local seller, suppling as many cabinets as they need. That means they get priority, sometimes requiring interruptive scheduling changes. This leaves a small number of cabinets each month that can be built for collectors and other customers.

We do our best to not hold your money. We won't take deposits until we're close to a window when production can start. Even so, things unexpectedly change, and we have refunded some deposits because time was passing quicker than our ability to execute.

Thanks for your past and future business!